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Who is GreenFrog Media & Marketing Group?

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GreenFrog, founded by John S. Strock, is a result of three decades of technological innovation and business growth expertise. As an IT professional, John has spent over half of his career launching and expanding businesses, while leading IT departments for small and medium-sized enterprises and Fortune 100/500 companies the remaining years.

Our mission at GreenFrog is to use our wealth of knowledge in technology, business, and marketing to empower businesses to excel in today's competitive landscape. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions that cater to every aspect of a brand's online presence.

Our services include:

  1. Establishing brand identity through expert content creation – We craft compelling, high-quality content that not only resonates with your target audience but also embodies your brand's unique voice and values.

  2. Enhancing organic traffic with proven SEO strategies – Our team of SEO specialists employs cutting-edge techniques to optimize your website's search engine visibility, driving sustainable growth in organic traffic.

  3. Engaging customers via social media – We harness the power of social media platforms to foster meaningful connections with your audience, encouraging brand loyalty and fostering a community around your business.

  4. Designing visually stunning, user-friendly websites – Our skilled web designers and developers create custom websites that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. These sites are tailored to provide an engaging user experience, while also adhering to SEO best practices and effectively driving conversions through strategic calls-to-action.

  5. Ensuring accountability through data-driven insights – At GreenFrog, we believe in the power of data to inform decision-making. Our team of analysts and account managers utilize cutting-edge analytics tools to monitor and optimize campaign performance, while also providing regular one-on-one consultations with our clients.

  6. To deliver exceptional results, we assemble a team of industry-leading professionals, each handpicked for their expertise in their respective fields. Our talent pool comprises SEO experts, accomplished web designers and developers, social media marketing gurus, content creation specialists, digital marketing strategists, and dedicated account managers.

At GreenFrog, we are committed to helping businesses flourish by providing tailored, data-driven solutions that drive growth and foster long-lasting customer relationships. Our unique combination of technical expertise, marketing prowess, and business acumen ensures that we are well-equipped to propel your brand to new heights.